Food & Pharmaceutical

DMR Seals designs and manufactures a range of advanced seals for the demanding food, beverage, pharmaceutical and bio processing environments. We understand that your processing environment faces some of the most stringent requirements imposed by regulatory bodies such as the FDA.

With over 100 years of combined seal experience, DMR Seals is confident it will have a sealing solution for your pharmaceutical or food processing needs, no matter how demanding they are. You can also be sure that every seal is compliant with the most stringent food, beverage and pharmaceutical standards.

DMR Seals understands that traditional sealing materials do not meet the increasing demand for compliance with food standards organisations & have worked relentlessly over the years to offer a full range of high performance, high conformance seals that pass every compliance regulation in the book. Consequently, you will find DMR Seals in a range of applications within the food and pharmaceutical sectors including bottling plants, breweries, food processing and pill press machinery.

Whilst prevention of contamination dictates seal material choice, another key factor to consider is the range of aggressive chemicals that the seals are likely to come into contact with that will undermine their hard-wearing ability resulting in plant downtime if not carefully considered.

DMR Seals will work closely with you to gain a full understanding of your application needs.​