Hydraulics & Pneumatics


Hydraulic cylinders are used in many countless different applications from various market segments including:

  • Machine tools, injection moulding machines and presses
  • Construction and earth moving equipment such as excavators
  • Backhoes where they must prevent the ingress of aggressive media
  • Agricultural vehicles where they must minimise leakage and corresponding soil contamination
  • Smooth running of forest machinery
  • Aircraft where seals must meet safety requirements in critical applications
  • Wind turbines where continuous 24/7 operation in extreme weather environments demands reliability

The cylinder’s function directly affects the machine’s performance, so it is important that the seals are designed to limit contamination into the cylinder and ensure good wear performance. However, the challenge facing seals in hydraulic applications extends far beyond this. In addition to preventing leakage, they must also endure and maintain integrity in high pressures, extreme temperatures and transverse forces within the cylinder.

It is important therefore that all the seals within the cylinder should be designed to work together as effectively and efficiently as possible. DMR piston seals prevent leakage of pressurised hydraulic fluid from flowing across the piston and incorporate the use of a wear ring to prevent metal to metal contact whilst absorbing transverse loads.

Meanwhile, our rod sealing solutions prevent leakage of hydraulic fluid as well as internal and external contamination. Scrapers are used to exclude dirt, foreign particles and moisture from the system whilst a rod seal ensures sufficient lubrication for the piston rod.