Installation tools

One of the highest causes of seal failures is through incorrect installation or incorrect design of hardware components.
The technical engineers at DMR appreciate that it isn’t always possible to provide the appropriate lead-in chamfers in a new design or that an oversight was made and the seals required for a new product must now be installed into a blind bore with no lead-in chamfer or over a thread or spline.
We’ve dealt with this problem a thousand times before and have the experience to provide you with a solution, therefore we decided to develop our range of seal installation and seal re-sizing tools manufactured from engineering plastic.

If you need any of the following products for safe installation techniques, please get in touch.
• Installation ramps
• Lead-in ramps
• Thread or spline covers
• Re-sizing tools for both piston and rod seals
Hover your mouse pointer over the profiles below for more detailed information about each product or simply contact our technical team for assistance.

IMPORTANT - Please Note: The data shown below are maximum values and operating ranges and cannot be used at the same time.

For example: The maximum operating speed will depend on material type chosen, working pressure, application temperature and clearance gap values.  The temperature range shown is also dependent on choice of material and media to be sealed.

Product Range

ProfileNameOperating RangeSummary
IT01The IT01 is known here at DMR Seals as the pusher tool. It is designed to enable the correct installation of PTFE O-Ring energised composite seals, PTFE spring-energised seals and PTFE O-Rings. The design eliminates the use of screwdrivers and other tools with sharp edges that should not be used, …Read More
IT02IT02 is an installation ramp and works in conjunction with the pusher tool IT01. The ramp provides the correct circumferential pressure around the diameter of the seal as it is installed which prevents possible damage through kinking as it is fed into the seal groove. The ramp is designed to …Read More
IT03Our IT03 installation tool is a simple part for recalibrating or resizing the installed seal once it has been placed into its groove. This is necessary as the PTFE element is normally expanded and will not fully recover without some sort of tension being applied. The resizing tool should simply …Read More