Manufacturing and Machine Tool producers require longevity and reliability in the variety of hydraulic and pneumatic applications involved in these complex machine designs.

DMR Seals have been supplying sealing solutions to this market sector for many years utilising our comprehensive range of standard and bespoke seal designs and vast array of sealing materials. Elastomers, Polyurethanes, PTFE’s and other thermoplastic materials are chosen upon their merits to suit the application requirements of each seal design along with the most suitable sealing profile to ensure all customers parameters are met.

DMR Seals also offer a variety of non-metallic bearing guides to ensure pistons and rods glide smoothly within their respective designs preventing metal to metal contact and protecting the seals from any debris particles within the operating media.

Our Sealing and bearing solutions are widely used across a spectrum of manufacturing and machine tool applications including, cutting machines e.g. turning, milling, drilling, grinding, shearing. All types of hydraulic presses, Injection moulding machines and many more.