Fluoropolymers (PCTFE)

Fluoropolymers are high-performance plastics with strong Carbon-Fluorine bonds. This bond provides the compounds with excellent chemical resistance and good mechanical properties. They are an excellent choice for a multitude of uses including pharmaceutical, cryogenic, high-temperature and low friction applications where their properties in these areas are unequalled.

DMR provides Fluoropolymers for specific sealing applications and can help you choose the correct Fluoropolymer for your application.

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Material Range


Min: -240°C
Max: +132°C

Min: -60°C
Max: +150°C

Min: -250°C
Max: +205°C

Min: -100°C
Max: +150°C

Min: -200°C
Max: +250°C

Min: -75°C
Max: +150°C


90 Shore D

72 – 82 Shore D

55 – 60 Shore D

62 – 72 Shore D

60 – 65 Shore D

70 – 80 Shore D


A thermoplastic chlorofluoropolymer, and commonly referred to as PCTFE or Kel-F®*. It has excellent chemical and permeation resistance and the lowest water vapor transmission rate of any plastic.

A thermoplastic fluoropolymer produced via the polymerisation of Vinylidene Difluoride. It has superior creep resistance and is resistant to most solvents, acids and alkalis while having a low moisture uptake.

A melt processable semi crystalline fluoropolymer which is commonly referred to as FEP. The material has excellent temperature and chemical resistance properties with a better impact resistance than that of PTFE.

A fluorine based plastic specifically designed to provide increased corrosion and strength resistance over a wide temperature range. It has excellent resistance to ultra-violet light and high energy radiation.

A copolymer of TetraFluoroEthylene and Perfluoroethers specifically designed to provide corrosion, creep resistance and thermal resistance close to that of PTFE.

Excellent dimensional stability and mechanical properties; stiffer and stronger than many of the other types of fluoropolymer materials. Has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and very low moisture absorption.