Tetrafluoroethylene Propylene (TFE/P, FEPM, Aflas™)

Tetrafluoroethylene Propylene is a Co-Polymer which is commonly referred to as Aflas®, TFEP or FEPM. Aflas® is a registered trademark of the Asahi glass company.

TFE/P (Aflas®) compounds provide excellent resistance to heat, steam, amines, bases and sour gas (H2S), lubricants and some fuels. Because TFE/P materials show superior performance properties in water, steam and a number of caustic solutions, they make an ideal partner for applications in oil and gas sector, especially those in the exploration and extraction industry.

Specially formulated compounds can offer resistance to Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) or Explosive Decompression (ED) which make them a good choice for high pressure gas applications.

TFE/P (Aflas®) compounds also exhibit superior radiation resistance over most other elastomers.

CAUTION must be taken however when utilising TFE/P (Aflas®) compounds in high temperature applications as they can exhibit poor extrusion resistance, high modulus back-up or anti-extrusion rings should be employed where possible. The same cautionary rule must be taken with low temperature applications below +5°C as the material has poor low temperature flexibility and can stiffen rapidly below this temperature.

Material Range


Min: -10°C
Max: +210°C

Min: -5°C
Max: +200°C

Min: -10°C
Max: +220°C


86 Shore A

90 Shore A

87 Shore A


A Bisphenol cured TFE/P, FEPM or Aflas™, with excellent resistance to the harshest chemicals in the oil & gas industry.

A TFE/P, FEPM or Aflas™* material with increased hardness in comparison to our standard B85 grade, which provides superior extrusion resistance in high-pressure applications.

A TFE/P, FEPM or Aflas™ material, modified for resistance to explosive decompression, for use in high-pressure gas applications.
Approvals: ED (Explosive Decompression) resistance