Sealing elements are required to operate in a wide range of fluids, temperatures, speeds and pressures in a variety of industrial applications from oilfield equipment, food processing machinery, heavy duty presses, hydraulic cylinders and many more.

The failure of a seal can lead to costly downtime in operations, defective machinery, danger to the environment and in some circumstances danger to human life.

The stresses that sealing materials can be subjected to mean the correct choice of compound for fluid compatibility, temperature resistance and application requirements is paramount.

Therefore, DMR Seals has over 240 different material grades to suit almost every challenge. We understand that choosing the correct material for your application from such a vast range can sometimes be hard, but by taking careful consideration of your application conditions, such as temperature, load, speed and chemical compatibility, we can help you with this process.

Please contact our technical team should you require any help choosing the correct material for your application or if the material you require is not shown.