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DMR Seals FB04 profile is a tight tolerance ‘L’ shaped rod guide ring / wear ring which can be manufactured from a number of our high-performance thermoplastic materials to provide precise clearance control of mating metallic hardware members in fluid power or pneumatic systems.

The tight tolerance control on the FB04 profile ensures excellent bearing contact which helps minimise and control misalignment while the piston or rod is under static or dynamic load which helps significantly increase seal life when compared to high volume moulded rings.

This profile can be provided either solid or split for ease of installation and is commonly utilised alongside against single (uni-directional) or double acting (bi-directional) rod seals that require a combined guide ring and anti-extrusion ring.

Profile FB04 can be supplied with spiral grooves on the main contact surface to prevent entrapped pressure between the seal and the guide ring itself. The addition of these grooves can also help eliminate jet -errosion, which is where the high-pressure fluid of the hydraulic system is forced through the localised split in the ring and damages the seal.

Please contact our technical department for further information on the correct material choice for your application.