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STB12 profile is a pressure activated back-up ring that is similar to our STB10 design but more suited to use with parts that have larger cross sections and radial gland space.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with single acting / uni-directional rod seals which require protection from excessive clearance / extrusion gaps or applications working in high pressure and high temperature applications.

The ring is normally supplied split to ease installation and to ensure the ring expands when subjected to system pressure, when this pressure is applied the clearance / extrusion gap is closed by the ring and the sealing element is prevented from flowing into the gap allowing longer trouble free service. However, the ring can be supplied in an endless / solid format when split / two pieces housings are being used.

This part is available in many thermoplastic and thermoplastic elastomer materials to suit every application, talk to our technical team to discuss your requirements.