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Profile KB08B is a compact single acting / uni-directional composite Piston Seal which consists of a main PTFE or Hard PU sealing element and elastomeric O-Ring energiser.

The O-Ring energises the sealing element and provides an effective leak free barrier around the inside diameter of the seal groove under static conditions.

The special design of the KB08B profile allows trapped fluid pressure to be released back into the system when the piston is on its return stroke. Because of this feature this seal can be used in multiple or in conjunction with our KB08 profile to provide a complete leak free sealing configuration or where sealing redundancy is required.

By using a combination of a PTFE sealing element and the correct choice of elastomeric O-Ring energizer this product can be made suitable for a wide range of situations including low friction, high temperature or where aggressive chemical media is the main system fluid.