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Profile KB08E is a modification of our standard KB08 profile. The side walls of the seal are tapered away from the groove walls and the clearance gap between the mating hardware. This feature helps the seal withstand higher pressures than the normal design or allows the design engineer freedom to increase the clearance gap between the metalwork helping to prevent possible metal-to-metal contact and subsequent damage.

The seal is a compact double acting /bi-directional piston composite seal which consists of either a main PTFE or Hard PU sealing element and an elastomeric O-Ring energiser.

The O-Ring energises the sealing element and provides an effective leak free barrier around the outside diameter of the seal groove.

By using the combination of a PTFE sealing element and the correct elastomer O-Ring this product can be made suitable for a wide range of situations including low friction, high temperature or where aggressive chemical media is the main system fluid.