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The KB112 chevron packing set is an old and trusted sealing solution for piston applications.

The special design of this set provides automatic pre-load which means the engineer doesn’t have to make manual adjustments to the seal gland which is common when using rubber & fabric packing sets.

The intermediate V-ring/s are stacked on top of each other to provide redundant sealing capability which is useful when the primary seal fails. The choice of too many V-rings though can see the packing set ‘burnout’ through increased friction; we recommend 1 ring for piston applications and a maximum of 2. If more rings are necessary then our KB112B profile should be utilised in one of our high performance internally lubricated Polyurethanes.

The female header ring is normally manufactured from a common engineering plastic or hard grade Polyurethane to provide extrusion resistance and to provide stability in the gland. The force of the system pressure into the primary male pressure ring increases sealing force by ensuring that the V-rings are energised and further activated under pressure.

Common materials are PU and POM, but a variety of materials can be provided to suit most applications – Please talk to our technical department if you need assistance with your application.