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DMR Seals KB20-AES profile is a double acting (Bi-Directional) Springseal that was primarily designed for static applications in the Oil and Gas industry and is commonly referred to as the S-Seal.

The seal is comprised of an elastomeric sealing element complete with unique over-moulded metallic anti-extrusion springs to help it withstand high pressures and large extrusion/clearance gaps between hardware surfaces. It is manufactured with an interference fit on the inside diameter to provide good static sealing and to help prevent seal roll and spiral failure. It is an excellent choice for static and/or stab-in applications where separate back-up/anti-extrusion rings may get sheared or cause galling of mating metallic components.

The KB20-AES seal can be used across a wide range of industrial applications, but it is particularly suited for use in oilfield equipment such as well-heads, downhole tools, high pressure pipelines, riser systems, and end-cap seals within piston accumulators.