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DMR KB20-FS is a compact double acting face seal designed for both low and high-pressure heavy-duty static applications. The seal comprises a T-shaped sealing element with pressure activated anti-extrusion rings / back-up rings.

The seal is manufactured to fit centred in the seal groove and have a high degree of gland fill. The seal also has two anti-extrusion rings to ensure the sealing element is protected from extrusion when hardware clearances are large or pressures are high. The anti-extrusion rings can be manufactured from several durable materials allowing a superior resistance to extrusion.

Due to the high gland-fill of this seal, it is useful for high-pressure gas applications when produced in one of our RGD resistant elastomers.

The KB20-FS can be manufactured to suit most internationally recognised O-Ring grooves in both metric and imperial sizes as well as non-standard sizes.