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DMR KB20 is a compact double acting piston seal designed for both low and high-pressure heavy-duty applications. The seal comprises a T-shaped sealing element with pressure activated non-extrusion rings.

The seal is manufactured with an interference fit on the inside diameter to help prevent seal roll and spiral failure. The seal also has two active anti-extrusion rings to ensure the sealing element is protected from extrusion when hardware clearances are large or pressures are high. The active anti-extrusion rings can be manufactured from several durable materials allowing a superior resistance to extrusion.

The KB20 seal is designed for use across a range of industrial and mobile equipment. It is particularly suited for use in cylinders, accumulators, actuators, valves and other demanding fluid power applications.

The KB20 can be manufactured to suit most internationally recognised O-Ring grooves in both metric and imperial sizes.