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DMR Seals XB74 profile is a unique type of seal commonly used as a cost-effective way to pressure test API ring joints without damaging the mating 23° flanges or using a standard metallic seal.

Our XB74 seal is manufactured here at DMR Seals and used by OEM clients all over the world with great success. This seal has also been independently pressure tested through 10 two-minute cycles at 700 Bar (10,000 PSI) in our most popular HPU-R95 polyurethane seal material without issue and has also been re-used by clients up to 30 times without failure.

The unique shape of the seal provides a good interference fit within the hardware across its circumference which helps provide good static sealing and prevent it from tilting or moving while being tested. The sealing lips sit nicely under compression against the 23° flange side walls and the profiled internal groove allows the seal to be further actuated/energised by the system pressure, helping to provide a leak tight system.