Material Testing / Quality / Certification


Since DMR Seals was established in 2003, we have always ensured that quality is at the forefront of all internal operations and totally embedded within our culture.

We have continuously invested in the latest digital measurement, inspection technology and material testing equipment to ensure our products always stand up to the expectations of both our clients and the applications they will operate within.

We have the following equipment on-site at DMR:

  • Zwick Roell Z005 (Tensile & elongation testing apparatus)
  • Wallace Densimeter
  • Zwick Roell HPE (Shore A&D Hardness testing apparatus)
  • Schmidt press for cutting ISO / ASTM test samples
  • Bespoke fluid immersion vessel with temperature data logger
  • Keyence IM-6500 digital contactless measuring device
  • Keyence IM-7000 digital contactless measuring device with depth probe
  • Laboratory oven


Our test equipment can provide assurance that the actual production material your parts will be manufactured from meet the standard required. We offer comprehensive certification and inspection levels to suit your requirements.


DMR Seals holds the following certification:

Talk to our technical team to be reassured that DMR Seals is the correct choice for your company.